My favorite words:

Donnybrook, brannigan, fracas, ruckus, melee, rhubarb, brawl, rumpus, squabble—THERE ARE JUST SO MANY AWESOME WORDS FOR “FIGHT.” They’re so fun to say!

Also, “kerfuffle.” I like “kerfuffle.”

79 notes

  1. sparkgrrl658 said: rhubarb! that made me giggle. i like “festoons” but that doesn’t have much to do with fighting. i think.
  2. emmyinabox said: one of my favorites is BROUHAHA. because BROUHAHA.
  3. lafix said: UVULA
  4. snackajawea said: My grammy used to make an excellent fight pie!
  5. downtostars said: Rhubarb? As in the vegetable?
  6. shiraselko said: donnybrook is a FANTASTIC word.