Holy crap, you guys!

I just realized that CHSH is in two fucking weeks and I haven’t started making nametags yet. Procrastinatey Jess is procrastinatey.


The lovely Miss Laura Liz is going to be here in thirteen days to stay another Thursday night with us (yay!) and I haven’t even begun to clean the house yet. (Honestly, I don’t even know why I’m tripping because our house is never dirty but YOU KNOW WHAT I’M PREGNANT LEAVE ME ALONE.)

Balls. Balls, balls, balls.

Are you signed up yet?

  1. notwhatihadnmind said: I can’t wait to meet everyone!
  2. tonimclellan said: If you come over next weekend you can work on them for Let’s Make Something Awesome Day! Hell, bring ‘em over this weekend and I’ll help you, if you’d like.
  3. malackey said: I wold love to be there. I promise, I will make the next one.
  4. missambiguous said: Totally signed up!
  5. apricotica said: Good golly, I wish I was going to be there. Like, for serious. I need to get away just so badly, and seeing you would be the ultimate thing. THE ULTIMATE THING. Le sigh. Have an amazing time! Kiss everyone for me. Especially yourself. <3
  6. irregardlessly said: i leave for Chicago in a week and two days (for a conference) and am already getting terrified to meet the internet!
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